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About Persona

Persona is a fun and scientifically grounded mobile coaching app that offers a personalized solution for growing desired personality traits and improving key life outcomes including mental health, physical health, relationships, career and academic success and happiness. 

​We are based in London.

Persona App Personality Growth

Our Team

Persona App Persona Growth CEO Alexis Bens
Persona App Persona Growth Head of Engineering Christian N
Persona App Persona Growth Head of Psychology Dr Andrew James Watson

Alexis Bens


Alexis is passionate about personal development. After overcoming a severe depression, he never stopped growing his personality and mind until he discovered the fascinating field of personality growth. He has contributed to the development of numerous mobile apps throughout his career.

Christian N.

Head of Engineering

Christian has +7 years of experience in developing highly successful iOS mobile apps including Cash App, Peak Brain Training, and Starling Bank.

Dr. Andrew J. Watson

Head of Psychology

Andrew is an experienced academic and clinical psychologist. He completed his clinical doctorate in Psychology at King's College London and previously, a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry at University College London. Andrew currently lectures at UCL and is a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS.

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