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Personality growth
is possible  

Grow your personality traits and Improve your happiness, career, relationships and more
Persona App
Persona App

Benefits of Personality Growth


Persona App Benefits Happiness

Studies show your personality alone explains 48% of your happiness.

Persona App Benefits Mental Health

Mental Health

Personality explains around 51% of depression,  37% of anxiety and 39% of burnout tendencies. 


Persona App Benefits Relationships

Personality is a predictor of the quality and quantity of friendships, and quality of marriage and romantic relationships

Professional Success

Persona App Benefits Professional Success

Personality is the most important controllable factor of professional success.

Academic Success

Persona App Benefits Academic Success

Personality was found to be a strong predictor of both high school and university GPAs

Persona App Benefits Physical Health

Physical Health

Personality is a better predictor of longevity than socioeconomic status or IQ. Individuals with certain traits visit the GP less often & have a lower risk of physical illness.

       Mental Health

Individuals with certain healthier personalities trains were found to visit the GP less often and have a lower chance to get Alzheimer.

Personality Tests

Based on the 5-Factor Model: the most scientifically validated personality model

Test your personality and discover how your traits impact different aspects of your life such as mental health, relationships, career and health.

Persona App Website
Persona App Website
Persona App Website
Persona App Website
Persona App
Persona App Website
Persona App Website Personality Growth

Personality Growth

Be who you want to be: reach your full potential with our targeted programs

Grow the traits you want to develop with our fun and multi-action programs, grounded on the latest scientific research. 

Real life outcomes 

Test real life outcomes: clinically validated tests for anxiety, burnout, loneliness and more.

Witness the impact of personality development on your life by taking clinically validated tests covering many areas of your life.

Persona App Website Personality Growth
Persona App Website Personality Growth
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